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Board Chair

Tomer Nadler is a highly accomplished executive and dedicated public servant who has amassed a wealth of experience in both law enforcement and business management. A native of Israel, Tomer moved to the USA more than 30 years ago and is a devoted family man. He is married to Yunia Nadler, a prominent worker’s compensation attorney in Boca Raton. Currently, Tomer works as a Supervisor at the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, where he oversees deputies responsible for county-wide operations. In this role, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, effectively managing, and coordinating mission-critical events. Prior to his current position, Tomer held executive positions with telecom companies such as T-Mobile and Sprint, where he facilitated mergers and managed public sector contracts in Florida and South Georgia. Through his work in the private sector, Tomer developed a profound understanding of customer relations, sales coaching, and targeted selection, completing professional training in Manager Leadership and Professional Sales Coaching. Tomer’s academic background is equally impressive. He holds a degree in Criminal Justice and is a lifelong learner, continuously seeking professional development opportunities to enhance his knowledge and skills. In addition to his professional achievements, Tomer is an active member of his community. Governor Rick Scott appointed him to serve on the State of Florida E911 board in 2013, where he contributed his expertise to improve emergency response services. Tomer has also held positions as a Captain with Broward Sheriff’s Office, a Police Detective with the City of Hallandale Beach, and a Director for Broward Crime Commission. He also served as a Director at the Latin Vote/CABF and a member of the Broward and Dade Chief of Police Associations. Tomer has previously served as a Board of Director for Miami Dade County Crime Stoppers and as Director of the Greater North Miami Regional Chamber and is currently serving on the board of RBI. Tomer’s fluency in both Hebrew and English is an asset that enables him to communicate effectively with diverse groups of people. His strong work ethic, leadership skills, and ability to build relationships make him an invaluable asset to any organization. Tomer’s dedication to serving others and his extensive experience in law enforcement and sales management make him a highly respected member of his community.